A Glimpse of Things to Come at Club Motorsports.

With the limbo between seasons, too cold to pave but not cold enough to snow, a unique situation presented itself. Team O’Neil Rally School along with Jason Cammisa from Motortrend Magazine, made a proposition to use the unpaved course as a personal playground with some E30 BMWs as part of a on going documentary/video series that Jason was working on.

Now Jason, while being well versed in driving many vehicles on an actual road course, had never been behind the wheel of a dedicated rally car in its native habitat. Which is dirt and gravel.

Prior to arriving at Club Motorsports, Jason and his crew spent some time at Team O’Neil’s 600 acre driving facility for a crash course in the art of rally.

Next day, everyone arrives at Club Motorsports and the consensus is the same. They are a bit awestruck by the course, its layout and the location. It’s hard to describe just how perfect it really is. It’s an amalgamation of fun, technically challenging but at the same time a forgiving course that follows rather than clashes with the surrounding landscape. The ups and downs, the gentle sweeps massaged into the natural curvature of the mountain that seems to happen almost organically. All wrapped together with spectacular vista views from just about everywhere on course.

After a few practice laps on the track, Jason came back in to the paddock area and confidently stated that this was the "best course in America". Something we had felt the same about but it was nice to hear from someone unbiased and that has been on many tracks through out the country to base his comparison on.

Here are some photos from the event. Jason and the fellows from Motortrend are working tirelessly to put together the footage they collected over the course of the day and have hopes of release the video by December 21st. You can be sure we will let you know when it becomes available. In the meantime enjoy these photos.

It gives you a glimpse of what you can come to expect from Club Motorsports.

Photos: Jason Brackett, Iron Oak Studios