Base Layer of paving is 100% done!

We started off the month of June on the right foot! Paving took place starting June 13th with the west paddock. The following day we started on the road course proper. Beginning on the front straight, we had made it all the way around to just before Turn 9a. Thats two pavers with shuttle bugs laying down 42' of asphalt simultaneously. The next day after that, we finished going all the way around and connecting to the front straight. They even started on pit lane that very same day! We ended the week with with paving the base layer for the rest of pit lane, all run off areas and the karting course!

To give folks an idea of just how much asphalt was used just for the base layer, we have it broke down for you below.

Road Course Proper (42' wide) 2" base course - 6,300 tons
Road Course Run-off Areas 2" base course - 2,500 tons
Road Course Pit Lane 2" base course - 1,500 tons
Karting Course Total - 950 tons
West Paddock - 1,280 tons

Total of 12,530 tons paved in five days!

We had over 40 trucks coming all the way from Concord, NH with asphalt from around 7am in the morning (when they started to show up at the track, even earlier for them) until around 7-8pm in the evening! 

It really is an impressive feat! Tours are still going on. We expect to start the leveling layer on July 11th. We will be sure to keep all of you up to date!